Vol. II – Jazz Booty October 10, 2013

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Jazz Booty featuring Tony Malaby and Mary Halvorson

Brian Questa launches his debut album, JAZZ BOOTY, also featuring ground breaking guitarist Mary Halvorson and luminary tenor saxophonist Tony Malaby. JAZZ BOOTY displays compositions that wed sensitive chamber music with free jazz muscle.  This unique debut bursts forth with boundless improvisatory energy, contemplative compositions, and a poignant confluence of the varying velocities of jazz.

The Music

    • Jazz Booty (Invention)
    • Black Milk Hornpipe
    • Kansas City Stomp
    • Fast Booty (With)
    • The Ballad
    • The Blues
    • Easy Booty (In)
    • Salt
    • First Booty (Difference)
    • En Pointe

The Articles

Jazz Booty

by Brian Questa
A prominent player in the improvised music scene today, known for his esoteric sounds rooted in noise and extended technique, relayed to me the following incident. He was giving a master class somewhere on his approach to free improvisation, when a person in the audience raised their hand and asked, “Excuse me, could you play 'Stella by Starlight'?” ... [read more]

Dizzy-Coke-Jazz-Space: Jazz at Lincoln Center and Cultural Strategies of Urban Development

by Patrick Monte
The work represented above is part of a series of photographic collages entitled Reconstructing the Nesuhi Ertegun Jazz Hall of Fame, which I created last year in conjunction with research on Jazz at Lincoln Center (JALC), the Time Warner Center, and cultural strategies of urban development. By means of appropriating, manipulating, disintegrati ... [read more]

An Improvisational Reaction to Tony Malaby’s Tamarindo

by Daro Behroozi
When time is counted in breaths and a phrase is an exhale, Music is in the body, Physical beings and souls connect to one another in vibrational unity. William Parker asked, “What is sound?” He told me that when we search deep within ourselves, we find a force that connects us with others. From that force, a sound emerges. Like a sound of ... [read more]